The Hudsons guide has been around for over thirty years and the most comprehensive guide to Heritage sites in the United Kingdom.

The Signpost Hotels Guide was started in 1935 to provide travelers with a list of exclusive hotels across the British Isles.


We are developing the brands to bring them into both the digital age and be more responsive to the needs of the consumer. You will find our website at www.visitheritage.com and from there you will be able to explore the range of Heritage sites available, as well as be signposted to local places to stay and other places of interest.

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  1. Please could you advise when you expect the 2018 edition of selected premium hotels to be published. Many thanks

    1. Hi Nigel,

      Further to your query the new Signpost Guide 2018 will be available around mid-March.

  2. I have just recieved and signed for a totally empty box !!
    this should have contained a Hudson’s guide 2018. I have already emailed and recieved no reply about the £13 shipping fee which I did not know about until I had clicked “buy” and now i have recieved an empty package.
    is this one big scam or a joke because I’d complained

    Pat Perry

    1. Dear Pat,

      I will give you a call today regarding your book.

      Many Thanks


  3. Will there be a Hudson’s Historic House & Gardens 2018 book? Also, what is the Hudson’s Guide 2018? How is it different from the Historic House & Gardens series? My mother & I go to England every Sept, and I buy a new HHH & Gardens guide every year and we’re planning out annual trip now (to Wiltshire this year).

    Thanks so much.

    1. Good morning,

      Further to your query, the Hudsons Guide 2018 is the direct replacement for Hudsons Historic Houses and Gardens and is essentially the same format of guide but with a slightly different title, and is also published in hardback for this year. Hudsons 2018 is the most up to date edition currently available. I hope this helps, however if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Kind regards

      Visit Heritage

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